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Roger Frey
Printmaking and Painting
Roger Frey Paintings and Drawings

Gesture Series #6

Gesture Series #18

Gesture Series #20

Gesture Series #26

Diana and Apollo Dancing with the Stars

The Three Graces in the 22nd Century

Diana and Apollo Warming Up to Each Other

Blind Date

Diana and Apollo

Diana Plays Hardball

Blue Moon Series - Cutoff Cutie

Blue Moon Series - Poetry in Motion

Diana and Apollo in France

Diana and Apollo with Plans

Diana and Apollo Resting

Diana Running Free
Movement in Red

Beach Nymph

Woman Without a Red Vest

Meadow Maiden II

Front Row in Tights

Front Row

Chorus Line I

Woman Moving to the Right

Diana Leaning on Apollo

Tattooed Diana


The Gate Occoquan Bay

The Embrace

Farm Scene

Pope John Paul II

River Scene

Gesture Series #16

Gesture Series #18

Gesture Series #19

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