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Marianne Cordyack
Salt-fired Porcelain and Stoneware
Marianne Cordyack Pottery Studio
Artist's Biography and Statement
Marianne offers Classes in making Salt-fired Porcelain and Stoneware
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Salt-fired Stoneware Mugs

Salt-fired Stoneware Vase with Flowers and Spirals

Salt-fired Stoneware Serving Tray

Rooster Pitcher

Stoneware Lidded Jar

Lidded Jar with Stamped Flower Decoration

Pair of Small Vases

Round Vase with Bird

Dish with Two Birds

Toad House

Flower Mug

Garden Bird


Tumbler and Mug

Turtle Mug

Vase, Tumbler and Mug

Stoneware Vase with Wax Resist Design



Olive Oil or Soy Sauce Bottle

Fish Mugs

Garden Bird

Cookie Jar


Salad Bowl

Garden Fish

Blue Vases

Garden Toads

Bud Vase

Sheep Soap Dispenser

Serving Bowl

Soy Sauce/Olive Oil Pitcher

Garden Mug

Swirl Vase

Bird Bowl


Garden Bird

Bird Mugs

Round Vase

Frog Mugs

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