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Steve Myles
Painting and Drawing
Steve Myles Fine Art
Artist's Statement and Biography
Steve is currently teaching two courses: "Discover Drawing" and "Painting in Oil/Acrylics". Thecourses are on Wednesdaysat 10:30am for Drawing and Noon for Painting. Please call the Spring Hill Rec Center (703-827-0989)for more information on dates the classes start or to sign up for future classes.
All images and works of art Copyrighted by Steve Myles, all rights reserved.
Sedona Butte
"Sedona Butte"
Morning in Acadia
"Morning in Acadia"
Pineapple Citrus Still Life
"Pineapple Citrus Still Life"
South Carolina Sea Oats
"South Carolina Sea Oats"
Limited Palette Study
"Limited Palette Study"
Hope Breaking Through the Turmoil
"Hope Breaking Through the Turmoil"
Salt Marsh Morning
"Salt Marsh Morning"
Landscape With Lavender
"Landscape With Lavender"
Colorado Morning
"Colorado Morning"
Spring Rush
"Spring Rush"
Springtime Reflections
"Springtime Reflections"
Winter Reflections
"Winter Reflections"
The Mill Stream
"The Mill Stream"
Autumn Shadows
"Autumn Shadows"
Sunlit Cactus at Sedona Vortex
"Sunlit Cactus at Sedona Vortex"
Citrus Sonata
"Citrus Sonata"
Bull Run Afternoon
"Bull Run Afternoon"
Pear Shaped Gourds
"Pear Shaped Gourds"
Morning Tide
"Morning Tide"
Pawley’s Storm
"Pawley's Storm"
Into the Valley
"Into the Valley"
Oregon Morning
"Oregon Morning"
Carolina Sea Oats
"Carolina Sea Oats"
Pink Dogwood Morn
"Pink Dogwood Morn"
Reston Lotus Pond
"Reston Lotus Pond"
Cloud Study
"Cloud Study"
Still Life with Table and Desk
"Still Life with Table and Desk"
Early Snow
"Early Snow"
Summer's Bounty
"Summer's Bounty"
Young Woman
"Young Woman"
Mailboxes in Snow
"Mailboxes in Snow"
  Late Fall Snow
"Late Fall Snow"

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