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The Artists' Undertaking Gallery Proudly Presents: "Can't Get Any Wilder", an exhibit featuring Nature Photography by Gerry Gantt of Fairfax, VA, Oil and Acrylic Paintings by Steve Myles of Reston, VA, and Fused Glass by David & Dale Barnes of Sterling, VA. The exhibit runs October 8 through November 4.
A Meet the Artists Reception will be held on Saturday, October 19, from 1 to 5 pm
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Featured Artist
David and Dale Barnes, Art Glass
David and Dale Barnes
Art Glass
Featured Artist
Gerry Gantt, Nature and Scenic Photography
Gerry Gantt
Nature and Scenic Photography
Featured Artist
Steve Myles, Painting and Drawing
Steve Myles
Painting and Drawing
Marianne Cordyack, Pottery
Marianne Cordyack
Salt-fired Porcelain and Stoneware
Maria Eugenia Martin, Painting
Maria Eugenia Martin
Nancy Rose Cahill, Digital Illustration
Nancy Rose Cahill
Digital Illustration
Jon Kaufman, Fine Wooden Boxes
Jon Kaufman
Fine Wooden Boxes
Anne Jordan, Copperwork
Anne Jordan
Roger Frey, Printmaking and Painting
Roger Frey
Printmaking and Painting
Tatiana Harr, Ribbon Embroidery & Mixed Media Painting
Tatiana Harr
Mixed Media Painting & Ribbon Embroidery
Greg Wandless, Woodturning
Greg Wandless
David Ernst, Art Photography
David Ernst
Art Photography
Jane Ernst, Art Photograph
Jane Ernst
Art Photography
Lauren Jacobs, Mixed Media Sculpture and Painting
Lauren Jacobs
Mixed Media Sculpture and Painting
Tyler Kulenguski, Gold and Silver Jewelry
Tyler Kulenguski
Jewelry (Metalsmithing)
eanne and David Pacheco, Acrylic Painting and Alcohol Ink
Jeanne and David Pacheco
Acrylic Painting and Alcohol Ink
Mary Rose Janya, Watercolor, Mixed Media
Mary Rose Janya
Watercolor, Mixed Media
Cierra Brown, Painting
Cierra Brown
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